Thursday, October 23, 2008

the terminal

My last 6 days:

Friday: Denver to Philly. I took my guitar on the plane and Southwest took my checked luggage to Portland. Played two shows and came home on Sunday afternoon.

Monday morning: On the way back to the Denver airport well before the sun came up. Off to LAX. No more guitar. No more checked luggage. TV shoot for the VW Sign Then Drive spots. Stayed in the Inn at Laguna Beach and I highly recommend it. Back to Denver very early this morning (Thursday). Drove straight to the office. Work. Back to DEN at 7:30pm.

And here I am on a plane again. 9:26pm Back to California. SFO. Molly's wedding. With a new sweet tri-fold garment bag Jaime got me for my birthday. Or anniversary. Or some Saturday. I should remember. I don't at the moment on account of the fact that my brain is randomly bouncing between "acutely sharp" and "completely fried."

We'll see if Friday and Monday end up actually being vacation days away from my computer and crackberry.

At least I'm not bored. In fact, I haven't been bored in several years. Taking off. See you in SF.