Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Putting the "Service" back in IRS.

My mom recently received two envelopes from the IRS addressed to me in Doylestown, PA. She kindly forwarded them and I got them today.

The first envelope was a check from Lady Liberty for $119.00. Mind you, I have not filed my taxes yet this year (and I better be getting more than $119 when i do).

The second was a letter explaining that I was receiving my 2005 tax refund check again, because apparently it had been 12 moons since they issued me the original check and those suckers expire in one year. The kind folks at the Internal Revenue Service were balancing their check book and realized that Mr. Eric S. Forsyth never cashed his 2005 tax return (because Mr. Forsyth never saw it), "so here's another one. Don't forget to take your money back, mister!"

Even though it was my money to begin with, I couldn't help but rejoice in the fact that this unexpected addition to my checking account made the awesome hiking shoes I bought 2 days ago - unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase - free.

Actually, I got them 20% off. So really, I was paid about $20 to take those shoes from REI. I would have saved more like $22 dollars most anywhere else but Boulder sales tax is higher than a CU Boulder student on 4/20.

Crap. They always get you in the end.


Anonymous said...
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Maylin said...

Sweet surprise! I love unexpected money! Your 70 degree day may be a valid selling point to get siblings to move to CO, but how about our 0% sales tax in OR?

Robin said...

Oh, heck ... let's just ALL move to Boulder !!!!!!!!