Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eric and Co: 1, Indoors: 0

Annie (my dog) and I have an amazing amount in common.

- There's no guarantee that we'll come when we're called. But we love you. We do.
- We both have the gift of discernment / sense when danger is near.
- It's obvious in our countenance that we like Boulder more than Miami.
- We both think Jaime's the coolest.
- We both like to be rubbed.
- We both like to steal cookies and brownies off the counter when we're not supposed to.
- Soft green grass makes us happy, but not as much as fresh snow. And the more, the better.
- We are both happiest outside.

On that note, below are some pictures of our Memorial Day weekend trip to Moab and it's surrounding wonders. Jaime and I (and Annie) met Dave and Jessica Nieman and Dave's sister Kaity in Moab for a weekend of camping, off-roading, national parks, slick rock mountain biking, hiking and plenty of open space. The six of us made our way to spots both populated and desolate on foot, bikes and crammed into the Subi. Good times.

Moab, Arches and Canyonlands NP's are where I imagine Bill Watterson waxed fantastical about his Martian Spaceman Spiff comics. It is like another world. Only it has the Colorado River on loan. I'm back home now but I'm still soaking it in.

For all the pictures go to my facebook albums here and here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

trees and other shady things - ta da!

It's almost ready for the world and will be for sale on my website by June 14th.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Never Knew and forthcoming EP

I'm sitting here, pretty excited and I had to share it. As I type, a song I wrote over 2 years ago is getting a make-over. Never Knew is my only tune I didn't record myself with my shabby set up out of my closet. The talented Ken Dudley helped me track and mix that song from start to finish in a couple hours. We used at least one mic that had previously recorded Aerosmith tunes and now they were filtering my musical musings.

As I sit in Boulder, CO the very talented Amber Lynn is in Dudley's Idaho Falls studio recording her pipes over mine. It's a little scary, not being there, not being able to provide feedback and ideas, but something insde of me is comforted. Both Amber and Dudley are super talented in their own rights and I'm stoked to hear the result. Never Knew should be a better tune tomorrow than it was last night. It's an expiriment, and I'm the mad scientist, only i'm not even in the lab. The lab's in another state.

If you haven't heard Amber's music, click here. She's got some great stuff of her own, but I'm especially partial to her cover of Ernie Halter's Whisper. If you like what you hear, buy a CD.

Tonight's little project on Never Knew is just one step along the hurried process of getting my EP done in time for my show on June 14th. All the songs are being mastered later this week and the talented Eric Fowles of Voltage Design in Louisville, CO is working on my album art. I'll be sending all the music and album art into the ether by the end of the week and I'll get a bunch of beautiful CDs back a couple weeks later, just in time (I hope) for my show with Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband in Denver.

Here's to the process. If you're reading this Monday night, May 19th, mumble a prayer to the dubbing gods for Amber and Ken. If you're reading this after June 14th, say a prayer for me in the form of buying a CD.

Oh, and keep checking back to my music website for more updates on the forthcoming EP. (Title TBA. I know! I can't wait either.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

let this be a warning.

It starts with a social networking site. Eventually it doesn't seem customizable enough. Or private enough. Or "you" enough. So you start your own blog. This is a space that you can really make your own. But you still belong to a larger network of blogs, all vaguely linked to each other. All with similar layouts. The blog is not good enough anymore. Still nice to have, but not ironic trucker hat enough. Not custom enough. You need your own web address. Your own URL. You need to start from scratch.

It's a slippery slope. If facebook and Myspace are the pot of the internet, my new website is heroin. Yes. It's that good. I mean bad.


Huge, ginormous thanks to my brother Daniel for listening to what I had in mind and putting this together for me. He is as self-sacrificing as he is talented. Just too nice.

So go now and share with your record label and touring management friends. I know you have tons.