Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who wants to go halfsies on a Westy?

This Westy ('93 VW Eurovan MV Westfalia Weekender) is sitting in a driveway just a short walk from my house. If it is in good condition and drives well, that seems like a great price compared to the listings I've seen online, but I'd try to get him down to $8.5k.

It occurred to me that car sharing is a really good idea for this type of car. As an RV it won't be needed everyday, or even every week, but is still small enough to shuttle the family around town as needed. So going halfsies on a car like this would be fun. I'm not sure how the titling works in that case, but it sure makes it a cheap buy (half the price, all the benefits).

Here are some pictures from when Jaime and I rented an even older, manual version of these pop-tops and had the vacation of a lifetime driving around Maui in 2009. Just imagine having one in beautiful Colorado. Drooling yet?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Henry's First Camping Trip

Friday, June 1 - we took Henry on his first camping trip to Flatiron Reservoir. We went up Friday morning, took a big 6 mile hike, had hotdogs for dinner, and smores (of course), then hit the sack. Henry slept great; however, being a mom, I woke up to every sound he made. Overall, it was a good trip.
Our site
Eric by the tent
Jaime by the tent
Henry's tent - don't worry, he slept inside our tent, this was just nap time.
Annie wanting to eat Henry's head.
Our little lounger
Everyone in their morning faces.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Things I want to teach my kid, #9

Not if, but when given the choice between being mildly adventurous and what some may consider disturbingly or uncomfortably adventurous, choose disturbingly and uncomfortably adventurous. You'll have better stories, more vivid memories and always at least one person who will do them with you (me). You will be faced with this choice not just every now and then, but every summer, winter, fall and spring. At least every weekend. Sometimes multiple times a day. Recognize the choice you have when others only see one option.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gap Pose

Finally, a real "Gap Pose." This one's for you, mom...