Friday, June 22, 2012

Things I want to teach my kid, #9

Not if, but when given the choice between being mildly adventurous and what some may consider disturbingly or uncomfortably adventurous, choose disturbingly and uncomfortably adventurous. You'll have better stories, more vivid memories and always at least one person who will do them with you (me). You will be faced with this choice not just every now and then, but every summer, winter, fall and spring. At least every weekend. Sometimes multiple times a day. Recognize the choice you have when others only see one option.


Robin said...

Turn these words to lyrics while "playing" w your guitar.
They are profound and awesome.
Deep Thoughts ... by E.S.Forsyth

Carolyn said...

Are you channelling your dad here?

eric said...

Carolyn, not intentionally.