Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eric and Co: 1, Indoors: 0

Annie (my dog) and I have an amazing amount in common.

- There's no guarantee that we'll come when we're called. But we love you. We do.
- We both have the gift of discernment / sense when danger is near.
- It's obvious in our countenance that we like Boulder more than Miami.
- We both think Jaime's the coolest.
- We both like to be rubbed.
- We both like to steal cookies and brownies off the counter when we're not supposed to.
- Soft green grass makes us happy, but not as much as fresh snow. And the more, the better.
- We are both happiest outside.

On that note, below are some pictures of our Memorial Day weekend trip to Moab and it's surrounding wonders. Jaime and I (and Annie) met Dave and Jessica Nieman and Dave's sister Kaity in Moab for a weekend of camping, off-roading, national parks, slick rock mountain biking, hiking and plenty of open space. The six of us made our way to spots both populated and desolate on foot, bikes and crammed into the Subi. Good times.

Moab, Arches and Canyonlands NP's are where I imagine Bill Watterson waxed fantastical about his Martian Spaceman Spiff comics. It is like another world. Only it has the Colorado River on loan. I'm back home now but I'm still soaking it in.

For all the pictures go to my facebook albums here and here.

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Dave said...

Good Pictures E-Rock. Good trip. I'm glad our work-time day dreams actually turn into outdoor-time realities sometimes.