Thursday, November 13, 2008


Every year, CP+B throws a ridiculously extravagant and awesome holiday party. Each year there's a different theme and coming in anything but a thematic costume is frowned upon. Last year's theme was "Circus," So we were circus animals, appropriately walking around on our "hind" legs. Jaime a bear and I a zebra:
The 2006 theme was simply "Red" on account that the Agency was holding some big raffles and donating a bunch of money to The Global Fund. We decided to turn it into a toga party:

This year's party is on December 18th and the theme is SUPERHEROES. Jaime's out shopping for fabric now. In true humorously wholesome and educational fashion, Jaime's excited to be WORD GIRL ("Word up!"), who I had never heard of until she told me last week. She wanted me to be WORD GIRL'S sidekick, "Captain Huggy Face," who - get this - is a break dancing monkey.

Tempting. But I had my heart set on one caped crusader: STUPENDOUS MAN (Friend of Freedom! Opponent of Oppression! Lover of Liberty!). If you don't know who STUPENDOUS MAN is you have some reading to do. I feel sorry for you, so I'll make it easy to repent. You can do that by clicking here.

Stay tuned for heroic images after December 18th.


Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

Nice... stupendous man. I wish we had costume parties at school. As a German teacher, all I did was plan and implement Oktoberfest. Granted, I did get to wear a Dirndl, which was exciting.

Jamie and William said...

O i am staying tuned!!