Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sam the Cooking Guy

I like my new TV. So shoot me. I sometimes sit there and watch cooking shows late at night while Jaime falls asleep on me. Stop laughing. The other night, as she dozed, I found "Sam the Cooking Guy" on Fit TV.

I've been subjected to a lot of Food Network and plenty of cooking shows (do you know my roommate?), but this one stuck out at me. I remember several months ago telling Jaime that I thought TV was lacking a good, funny, realistic, down-to-earth but delicious cooking show. All of those things in one. She thought Alton Brown fit that bill. I think Alton Brown is a geeky hoser most of the time.

Turns out Sam Zien is in his San Diego home cooking tasty stuff with his kids and dogs running around, while someone rolls a camera. And Sam may just be old enough that I could fill his shoes when I'm ready for my mid-life crisis career change. Until then, I'm waiting for my craptastic stomach flu to be fully exorcised so I can make this.

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Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

This summer, when I was working temporarily as a secretary during school years, I worked at a Magnolia Hi-Fi. Because of this, I had to have the HUGE plasma-screen TV on the entire day at work. Often, I would put it on the cooking channel for light noise. Sounds like I wish Sam the Cooking Guy would have been on during the day time. I would have enjoyed him better than that Dean woman and her son and whoever else was on there during the day.