Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling all good vibes.

"It's a good time to buy!"
"Time to buy now is great"
"Good now buy time is to."
"Buy to time good a it's!"

These are variations of comments with which my peers who are not in the real estate business have been kind enough to share with me recently. Still, buying a home is scary business. But it's super exciting too. It has consumed all of my conversations with Jaime recently. Last night we went on a long walk around our neighborhood. When we started the walk, I wasn't sure if I could stomach a mortgage and everything that comes with it. It was like a summer night, calm, quiet and warm, with as many stars as a suburb bordering open space can hope for. We finished by walking to the town home we like the most, less than a block from our current apartment. By the end of walk Jaime and an experiment in faith prevailed.

We’re making an offer on this place this week.

Red brick townhome, set on a hill reminiscent of San Fransisco row houses when viewed together, at night, through one eye, squinting. Hardwood floors, fireplace, basement, three bedrooms, lots of grass outside the back door, and in the same neighborhood and town we have grown to love in the last year and a half. Open space and trails a block away. Boulder is minutes away. Denver 30 minutes away. But Louisville all by itself is fantastic, regardless of the urban hubs nearby. Just needs a new main floor paint job, new kitchen appliances, and maybe a central A/C installation in the future. Fans will have to do for now.

Please send out good vibes that we get all we’re asking the sellers for.


Sassy Sarah said...

Wow... good luck with that! I hope that you guys get the place. It looks fabulous!

Robin Falke said...

"good, good, good ... good vibrations! That's what I'll be singing all day!
Good Luck ... such a great opportunity!
You GO Eric and Jaime!!!!!

Jonathan said...

i love the pictures! oh my lands, it's a gorgeous house. we just might have to come visit you on our way out to texas...

hope it all goes perfectly! that's soo exciting!

Dave said...

yeah! I'm excited for you guys! I liked that one more than the other one you showed me.`