Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Genisis of Noble Slavery

We closed on our town home last Friday. I had to sign a couple affidavits saying I wouldn't operate a music business out of my home or deduct any more losses from my music on my taxes in order for them to agree to give us a mortgage.

...It didn't occur to me until I just wrote it out, but, it sure looks like I totally sold out. Only instead of cashing out for the man, I'm giving the man all my money.

I digress. So, we're homeowners. Landlords, actually, since the previous owners (I used to call them the "current owners." It's fun to call them "previous owners." In my head, I rub my hands together and snicker when I say it) aren't moving out until Monday, June 15. They gave us $300 at closing as rent. I gotta’ say, the landlord mantle does wonders for your self esteem. Just the name makes me feel like a noble. “What’s that you say, peasant? Speak up! I’m a LANDLORD!”

Jaime and I are going over tonight to get the keys and stuff. I wonder if they'll give us a tour and tell stories about different parts of the place. It's interesting to think how many stories are attached to a place that was built in 1983. I'm really looking forward to adding our own and making it even better.

Speaking of making it better, I cashed in most of my American Express Rewards points for $150 in Home Depot gift cards. I'm going to blow it all next Wednesday. Jaime and I went window shopping there last week and already know everything we want to get (to begin, at least): new bathroom sink, new kitchen faucet, paint and painting supplies, lumber and manly stuff for the desk I'm going to build for myself. So yeah, the gift cards will pretty much only pay for my desk materials and some painters tape. Sigh...

I managed to abuse my calling as 1st counselor in the Ward Young Men’s presidency and declared next Tuesday evening’s activity a service venture for the faltering Forsyth family. The teachers and priests are helping us move. It’s nice that the new place is only about 150 yards from our apartment. Should I make them carry the couch on their backs while I lay on it? After all, I am getting them them pizza and sodas. And c’mon, haven’t you heard - I’m a landlord.


Dave said...

Landlord Eric! I've got a bunch of wood, and tools and stuff here at the house if you wanna come borrow stuff.... that's my contribution. But I'm excited for you!

Daniel said...

I'm pretty sure your self esteem was fine before becoming a landlord... but congratulations.