Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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I enjoyed this so much, I wanted to pass it along to (both of) my readers. An excerpt from my sister-in-law, Andrea's latest blog post in Del Rio, TX:

To fully appreciate this picture, you probably need to click on it so it's big enough. this (apart from the christmas wreath decorated with empty miller-lite cans and cigarette cartons hanging on the front of a truck) was one of my favorite things i saw during the Christmas season. On the right, we have a house that is decked out. I think i only have half of the yard in the picture. We're talking the manger scene, mickey mouse & co., deer, season's greetings signs that light up and blink, snowmen, santa - the whole shebang.

And on the left, we have the neighbor's counter-effort.

Thanks, Andrea.

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Molly Houx said...

Man. I wonder if they could get away with something like that on Christmas Tree Lane in Turlock.