Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late night musings and unedited ramblings

My sleep patterns now have me awake at 1:52am, Mountain Daylight Time. I find myself catching up on emails, work, watching movie trailers, and thinking.

Thinking about how cliche it is to feel that having a baby will change the way I see the world, but noticing it happening already, 3 months before his arrival.

Thinking about my dad and the eternities.

Thinking about my dog one day dying. Which makes me think I'm just totally a debbie downer. Who dwells on that?

A huge pack of coyotes just started howling and yelping in a hyper-carnal frenzy around the corner. A communal sound that probably means they just made a kill. It's like straight out of a scary movie. Sounds so wild and rabid. Happens almost every night in this neighborhood and the adjoining open space.

Thinking about playing guitar, rock climbing, eating good food, taking my annual nap that can actually be considered a nap and not just sleeping in the afternoon because you didn't sleep the night before.

And they are up and at 'em in Europe now. Emails starting to roll in. Time to start working again.

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