Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Smiling Pirate Baby?

Henry is so cute.

You may be asking yourself, "Is this just a picture of a cute baby, smiling?" I would have to answer, "No. This is a picture of a cute baby smiling after getting 11hours and 15 minutes of sleep at 2 months of age."

Boo Yah.

Of course from about 2am on, I woke up about every hour, at every sound I heard him make, thinking that he was finally awake and wanted to eat, but that didn't happen until later. I know now. And hopefully this trend will continue and mommy and daddy will get more sleep and alone time. Happy Half Birthday to me.

Oh, I forgot that I have more to brag about: yesterday was his 2 month check-up and he weighs 12lbs. 12oz (75%ile) 23 1/2" long (75%ile) and has a head circumference of 15 1/2" (45%ile). He had to get 2 shots yesterday and only only cried for a few seconds after each.  


eric said...

it's the skull and bones atire that toughens him up for gritting his gums through the shots.

jonathan and andrea said...

yay! and keep up that little head trend, henry! it sure makes getting dressed a lot easier. you guys made a cute kid.

Liz said...

Please blog often and with pictures! I need pictures!
xoxoxo, Liz/Mom/Gammie