Friday, May 3, 2013

New Music: Forsyth & Gee

I'm thrilled to formally announce my new duo Forsyth & Gee. We now have demos streaming on our website, and even more on our Facebook page (via reverbnation). Give us a "like" and stay in touch. If you're interested in hosting a fantastic house concert, let me know and we'll talk.


Taylor said...

This sounds like a great endeavor. Personally, I am pretty lousy at making music on my own; I feel like I am much better at collaborating than I am at "soloing" ... maybe it's because I am a bass player at heart. Anyway, congrats.

So, I have an article I think you should read. Actually, you only need to read the title and the first two paragraphs. Please know I don't mean any offense by this ... The author just makes a funny observation.

I miss you.

eric said...

Ha, thanks Taylor. I actually agree with you on the cliches. That was just one of many shots we took while walking around old town Louisville, CO. More under the Photos section here:

Miss you too.

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