Monday, April 21, 2008

nostalgia in newport beach

Last weekend was Dave and Jessica's wedding. I've known Dave a long time. I've known Jessica long enough to be really excited for Dave to pick her as a wife. Together they are a power couple, but in a cool way you could only understand if you know them both individually, and have see them together. It was so nice attending their sealing and unforgettable playing in their wedding band.

I think it started as a joke. And I wasn't vain enough to be the one to bring it up. "Hey Dave, why don't you reunite my funky freshman jazz trio and we'll crash your wedding party?" No, it didn't go down like that (I don't think). When Dave learned that his three mutual friends Jared (keys), Taylor (low notes) and I (skins) would all be around for his wedding in Newport Beach he pitched the idea to Jessica and I was surprised to hear she actually thought it would be cool to have us be their wedding band. Dave was one our most loyal fans in 2001 when we revolutionized the live music scene in little Rexburg, Idaho. But Jessica wasn't around then. She had to trust Dave. That's love. She took an awful risk on us. And so did Dave, since I figure it would be his signature on the annulment docs if we botched it.

Good times. Not only was I a groomsman playing drums, but i was suckered into playing Emcee and DJ as well at the last minute. Such a great weekend of friends, couch surfing, midnight ocean dips, hot tubbing, In-N-Out Burger, great weather and some plain good jazz.

Here are some snapshots:

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Tanya McKibben said...

Hey Eric! I like your blog. I could use your help right about now. I mean, I need you here with me daily to communicate to my german speaking friends and people in the check out lanes who don't speaka english. I will learn german (enough to get by), but it would be nice if you were here. Want to come visit? We have an extra place to stay. Jaime would love Berlin. This place is amazing!!!! We are planning on visiting the palces you suggested. I will keep you updated. Take care! -T