Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amos Lee

I've been listening to a lot of Amos Lee at work lately. I just read his Wiki bio. Those who know me best may understand the feelings that welled up inside of me as I read this one paragraph:

Born in 1978, Lee grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He graduated from Cherry Hill High School East.[1] He enrolled at the University of South Carolina in 1995, graduating with an English degree. While attending the university, Lee's stepfather gave him an acoustic guitar. Lee also found a job at a record store that specialized in jazz musicians, where he picked up an affinity for Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis.[2] After college, he moved back to Philadelphia and taught elementary school for two years, but later made the decision to stop teaching in order to pursue a career in music. Lee released a self-produced EP that featured five songs in 2003, and was signed by Blue Note Records soon afterward. The EP sold well in Philadelphia, catching the attention of Norah Jones. Jones invited Lee to open for her on her 2004 tour. Lee has also taken part in shows with Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Simon and John Prine.[3]


Truck on.

Can't wait for my next show in one week.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has supported me and my music. Especially those who have picked up a CD. And winning kudos to those who share the sound with others and brought unsuspecting friends to shows.

I'm working on some new stuff, slowly but surely.

Truck on.


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Heidi said...

Eric, tell us about your jam sessions with Jay Nash!