Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Miles Davis

I came home at about 10:45pm last night, and Jaime was busy doing something productive in her little domain upstairs. I got a bowl of ice cream, walked upstairs with it, and delightfully discovered that she had rummaged through my boxes of old CDs and pulled out a Miles Davis album. She ripped it onto her new iMac and had it playing out of the new speakers we got her.

I folded Annie's dog bed in half, laid down on the carpet and used it as a pillow. Finished my ice cream and fell asleep right there, listening to Miles. It was great. I need to listen to more jazz. I used to listen to jazz at least half of the time. Thank you, Jaime.

p.s. if you don't own "Kind of Blue" you need to get it. Today. It's one of those "every human that can hear must own" albums.

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Taylor said...

I need to revisit my jazz collection as well. I actually listened to Kind of Blue everyday for about six months. I was on a big Bill Evans Trio kick back in 2001 (you might remember). Why did I stop?