Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Thin of Thick Things

For those that are unaware, I like to play music. I like to write music. I like to record music. I like to listen to music. These likes have joined forces and led to a new record. It's called The Thin of Thick Things and it's now available for pre-ordering on my website at

This is something i'm extremely excited about. It's my 2nd EP and in many ways it's quite different than the first (Trees and Other Shady Things), but that may just be me, analyzing it much deeper than the average Joe would. I'm excited about the music, but i'm also excited about the CD design by mCroxton Design, the mandolin playing on three tracks my Dave Willis of Boulder, CO, the webpage graphic by Daniel, the fact that the CD will be available all over the web, including iTunes, and lastly, I'm stoked to wit's end about my official CD Release Show at The Laughing Goat on Pearl Street, Boulder, CO on September 25, 2010. Tell your friends.

Something occurred to me on Sunday. Creating a collection of songs like this, writing the music, lyrics, recording it myself, organizing and managing the production and design myself and seeing a finished, mastered result in your and my hands is one of the few things in my life that I will ever create from scratch and be able to say it's truly original. That is why I'm glad I was able to create Trees and Other Shady Things in 2008 and why I'm happy to bring you The Thick of Thin Things.

All I want for my birthday is for everyone I know to forgo one fast food meal and instead, spend $7 on this fun little collection of songs. That's a win/win, I'd say. Although Pre-ordering has begun, the actual public release is not until 9.21 (CD Release Show on 9/25). Pre-ordering ensures you get it just before 9.21 and you even save money on shipping.

Hope you like it,

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Sassy Sarah said...

Yay! That's exciting news, Eric. So exciting, in fact, that I shared it on my Google Reader to let all of my friends know to buy your new EP. Can't wait to hear it! :)