Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New CD review from The Oomph Music Blog

I like this guy 'cause I can tell he's being honest when he says my voice is "surprisingly"  smooth and soulful, and then follows it up to admit "It isn't what I'd call groundbreaking."

I'm not kidding. I like this guy.

An excerpt: "My advance copy has been in my ipod shuffle rotation for a few weeks now, and when one of Forsyth’s songs comes up, it is one of those moments when I go, “Wait…what song is that??”  Eric Forsyth’s sound is comprised of an intriguing blend of impressive acoustic-roots-folk guitar work underneath, overlaid with Forsyth’s surprisingly smooth, soulful vocals.  It isn’t what I’d call groundbreaking, but it’s just plain good music."

You can read the whole thing here and then post it to your facebook and twitter 'cause you love me. ;)

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Hikari said...

You are the "E" in Jedi. Of course you aren't nervous. May the Force be with you.