Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Room

I had dinner last night and meetings this morning with some good folks at Saatchi & Saatchi here in London. We'll be partnering with them and gratefully utilizing their network of offices in order to execute our Milka creative in Eastern Europe.

Speaking of offices, the CPB office in London is just a little room on the 3rd (or is it the 4th?) floor of a building in central London, overlooking Smithfield Market, which is a meat market that's been around for about a bagillion years. There are a lot more people working in there than there were a month ago - more desks, all placed together to appear as blocks of large tables, more chairs, and more computers sucking up the underwhelming internet connection we have there. It's loud and overcrowded and there's no privacy and we call it "the call center."

But our little group, especially the team working on the global Milka business, is part of something special. We're the beginning of an important chapter in the book of the history of creative marketing agencies and we're pioneering CPB's larger, more significant presence in London, Europe and the world. We'll be in a bigger office soon, i hope by the end of April. It won't be lavish, but we'll feel like relative royalty.

This little video is pretty much about that.

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Hikari said...

The drumming dinosaur/snake at the end was the best part. Maybe it's because I'm bored out of my mind right now, but I thought it was hilarious.