Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things I swore happened in 2010

The pop-journalists all labeled 2010 as a tough year, and one to forget. I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to look back on 2010 as a great year where I accomplished pretty much all my goals and then some. My tough times are ahead, I can feel it. I'm just assuming it'll hit me like a ton of bricks someday, but for now, I'm just grateful in my retrospection.

In 2010:
- Probably the most fun day of lift accessed snowboarding in my life, with Dave Adamusko after a powder dump at Park City. Also, Ian and my mom came out to Colorado to ski last winter.
- I launched some great work including, but not limited to a TV campaign for the new Windows Phone OS.
- Turned down a couple job offers because I love where I live and work right now. (Of course more thought goes into these decisions, but that's what i boils down to, which leads to more feelings of gratitude.)
- Went to Munich and Paris for work in May.
- Produced a new EP of original music - "The Thin of Thick Things," available on iTunes, Amazon, my website, and other places. Really proud of this one.
- Put on a really fun CD release show at the Laughing Goat in downtown Boulder, as well as played other great shows and sets in Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Pennsylvania. Also met some great songwriters and musicians and made new friends at the three-day Durango Songwriter's Expo in October.
- Went golfing more in 2010 than I did the previous 7 years combined.
- Did some great hiking, camping and backpacking in Colorado, including a 5 day trip with BSA Troop 264 and a jam packed Colorado adventure with my brothers Daniel and Ian when came out in August.
- Was promoted to Content Supervisor (aka Account Supervisor) at work, before I thought I might be.
- Had a great time with my family in Doylestown, PA over Christmas.

Now Jaime and I are packed and off to London tomorrow afternoon. Non-stop from Denver to Heathrow. Another small chapter of our lives about to unfold. Although I'm looking forward to it, I'm looking forward to coming back to my home and dog in Colorado as well, and I haven't even left yet.


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Sassy Sarah said...

What amazing adventures are in store for 2011! I'm so excited for you guys to be living it up in London for a little bit and can't wait to hear more about life there. :)

P.S. Who is taking care of Annie while you're gone? I bet she misses you both like crazy!