Friday, May 13, 2011

So cliché.

We spend a lot of effort trying to be unique and avoiding clichés. I just (mostly inadvertently) had the most cliché Boulder / Happy Valley experience and decided that cliché isn't so bad. I want more cliché.

I drove my Subaru to go fly fishing at the neighborhood Louisville, CO lake. So cliché.

Then there I was, fly fishing in my plaid shirt and trucker hat. So cliché.

As I was wrapping up, I enjoyed the perfect weather and gorgeous sunset over Boulder and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. So cliché.

I walked around the lake, back to my Subaru and said hi to two friends from the neighborhood that happened to be there. So cliché.

I put the key in the ignition and opened up the car doors before I broke down my fly rod and, of course, Nick Drake's Pink Moon was playing on the stereo. So cliché.

So I happily drove home to my happy, beautiful wife and happy, loyal Black Labrador. So cliché.

We wanted pizza. So we're going to go get delicious pizza. So cliché. (Okay, that's just super cliché for me, and I never plan to fight it.)

I'm gladly cliché. At least around here.

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