Monday, January 28, 2008


Just wanted to share this newer tune I recorded in my closet this last weekend. Click on the play button below to listen

Do me and yourself a favor by plugging in some headphones or turn up some decent speakers. It needs all the help it can get.

Artist insights: Keep an ear out for Princess Bride and home-turf San Francisco references.

Author's note (5.30.08): This is unmastered version. The final mastered version can her heard on my website now.


Dave said...

Concider your blog link fixed. And this song sounds soooo good, even on my super crappy-only-works-in-one-ear headphones. you did this on garage band?

gremhog said...

You don't know me...friend to Rob/Robin and that's how I got here. But is this you singing/strumming? In a closet? So very Elvis altho he used the stairwells! And I love Elvis. I'll be back.

THE SHAWS said...

JAMIE! I was being nosy....very nosy...I wont tell you exactly HOW nosy...but the good news is my goal of finding you in blog land was accomplished! Yes!