Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jumping on the ol' blogwagon

Eric and I have started off 2008 with a kablam! After Christmas vacation (spent with the whole awesome Falke fam in Santa Cruz, CA), we both got right back to work. I am still doing the aftercare program at Boulder Country Day and substituting a few times a week. Eric is still working at CP+B on VW, but has just gotten changed to a new team. He is now working on the VW field team, focusing on the retail specifics of selling VWs and assisting dealers with their advertising. Since he has been working so hard this past week, Eric's boss gave him this Friday off. We are planning on going up to Rexburg (aka The Berg), to spend some time with our friends and for Eric to spend some time snowboarding in the Tetons. We'll keep you posted.


Robin said...

Alright ... great blog ! And, gets to make the very first comment. Go Eric... Board those Tetons!

Tara said...

I love that you have a blog...I'm so glad to keep up with the two of you. Looks like the falke's had a great new years...what a fun time on the beach with those you love...here's my blog: halebtblog.blogspot.
tara hale