Thursday, March 5, 2009

cute AND funny.

I've honestly been really busy. Work has been like riding a livid testicle-tied bull 13 hours a day, every day. (This is merely an analogy, for those that just became very excited about my job.) There's been plenty to blog about, and I'm ashamed that's it's been so long since my last post. Adding insult to injury, this post is going to be plagiarized from Franiel's blog. Not even my life. "Things we swear happened (to somebody else)."

Oh well. I'm lame. Let's move on.

This is a new video of my nephew Liam who has just begun to experiment with crawling. Watch it all the way through, because the good stuff happens in the last two seconds.


Mendel Family said...

That is funny! Yes the joys of crawling. When Luke first started crawling they scoot on their bellies and it makes them spit up more.

Teresamia said...

i LOVE that Liam's spit up video is being spread online ... share the love :) I read all about your fun weekend in Idaho and roadtripping and Annie - sounds so good. Daniel went snowboarding on Wednesday and he came back looking like a new man. It is therapuetic for you Forsyths I think. I need to get better and we can then share every part of our lives together ... finally.

francesca :)