Monday, March 23, 2009

No Time to say Hello, Goodbye...

So apparently I'm not doing a very good job telling people about my life. Well today, I had a blog project I had to do for a class (see it here), and I decided it would be a good idea to let everyone know why I have let Eric be the blogger in our fam lately:

1) School in which I teach.
2) School in which I learn.

Teachers love me to substitute for them, and it is kind of hard turning down money, so for the last three weeks, I have been subbing middle school English. This week is spring break. Next week I am subbing PE and the week and a half after that, computers. Then back to subbing English again.

Homework is out of control and here are some pictures to prove it:

This is exactly how my desk looks. It's not that I don't put things away, it's that I use these books frequently, and therefore need to have them close.

Books, Notebooks, Diet Coke to keep me awake.

That's Too Much!

Also, since I have been working so much, this little cutie needs extra attention, taking away from homework time.
And, my computer has been freaking out lately, but since Eric just got a new electric guitar, guess who doesn't get a new computer? Me. Waa Waa.

Now you know why I complain. But, back to homework.


Sassy Sarah said...

Life, gets ya every time. What are you studying in school, Jamie? Are you preparing to become a teacher yourself? I substituted for 1.7 years before I got an actual teaching job. Subsitute-teaching is the hardest part about teaching (classroom management), but it definitely makes having your own classroom seem so much easier! :)

Jaime said...

I am studying English, History and Communications, I'll be glad when it's done. Classroom management is tough sometimes, but I like my days off, I should complain too much.

eric said...

A few comments from your roommate:

1) You are a sexy working machine woman. Like some kind of hybrid between Eve (woman), the terminator (machine), a lumberjack (working), and yourself (sexy).

2) I took the liberty of fixing your Comm140 blog link in this post. It was incorrect. That will be $225.00. Or 3 kisses.

3) I particular like your calendar entry on Thursday, March 26: "251 - Reflective Paper - What?" It's very...reflective.

4) I'm glad you used that photo of Annie. When I was composing it, I planned on titling it "Annie and her shadow on a dry Sunday" So that's what it's called: "Annie and her shadow on a dry Sunday."

5) We'll buy you a kick-a computer as soon as yours truly crashes (sans sabotage), regardless of what tax-deductible 0% APR guitars I recently purchased. In the meantime, let me know how I can help you back up your computer so that when it inevitably crashes, it will merely be cause for celebration, not lamentation.

6) On behalf of Sarah, myself and the other 2 people who read our blog, we are very glad you're posting.

Robin Falke said...

did you call the Waaam-bu-lance?