Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me time.

Took an overnighter by myself up in the Indian Peaks Wildness. The trail was mostly snow and ice. Bagged Arapahoe Pass and camped up amongst the marmots where nobody else was stupid enough to have a slumber party with the wind. But I planned for the chill, geared up and got in some great solo therapy. You can come next time. I won't be so selfish in the future. Or at least I won't tell you about it.

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Taylor said...

Dude, c'mon. If you were by yourself, how'd you get a picture of you standing there? :)

Looking at that stuff almost makes me jealous. Almost. :)

I have a hike I am really wanting to do and I need someone to go with me...for motivational reasons more than anything. 10,400 ft. elevation gain! Please be my buddy!

eric said...

timer function, friend. and a rock for a tripod.