Friday, October 23, 2009

wow. I'm geeky, but this is just ballzy.

While it's now been flagged for removal, Gothamist managed to capture the text of a New York Craigslist ad that one can safely say is anything but tasteful. The text reads as follows:

"Need an amputee to complete my Halloween costume (Brooklyn)...So this might seem strange and really offensive to some but hopefully someone will reply. I have always loved the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Chewbacca has to carry around a half reconstructed C3PO in a backpack because he hasn't reattached his lower body yet. For Halloween I would love to dress up like this. I am big enough and strong enough to both pull off the Chewbacca look and to carry around a lot of weight for the night. So basically I am looking for a double amputee (someone missing both legs--preferably at the hip) to accompany me as C3PO for the evening. We should meet ahead of time so that we can work out the backpack/harness system. There are a few parties that I want to hit and I think we will be the hit of any event we attend. Anyone up for this?"

(via agency spy)

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Jonathan and Andrea Forsyth...and Dallin too said...

just so you know, we love this. i have passed a link to this on to all my family.