Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me and a Brag about Eric

Yes, I had a birthday recently - if by recently you mean in September. But let me just back track here for a bit:

I have been working completely full time as an aide since October which has been fun, but very tiring. I would like to thank Eric for working every day with very few breaks because I know how difficult it can be. As of last week, the family I work with found someone to work a few days a week not only to give me a break, but also because Eric will be working in LONDON (temporarily), and I'll be joining him. The plan is not to move there. Just working there as needed. Louisville, CO is still our primary home. :)

CP+B is in the process of expanding their satellite office in London to make it a full time shop. They could hire whomever they want to work there, but they want some of the "Crispin Culture" to be in the London office, and since Eric speaks German and has lived in Europe, he was a perfect candidate for the job.Along with the London news, Eric was put onto a new account (Milka chocolate), Eric was also promoted about two weeks ago! I am so proud of him! Not to mention he is just as handsome as ever.
I had quite the birthday day back in September. People thought I was a bit crazy, but I wanted to make my own cake (pictured below). It was a delicious Pineapple angel food cake and I dried out some pineapple slices to put on top - excellent choice - I am making it every year.
Right after I was done whipping the batter though, the power went out. I totally freaked out because I was afraid that I was not going to be able to make my fantastic cake, but an hour later the power was back on and my lovely cake as done just in time. Also, I had to shower in the dark and couldn't blow dry my hair so it's a bit unkempt.

Eric hat hunger.

Blowing out the candles.

The part that I loved most about my birthday though, was just being with my friends.

Friend Emily

Friends Tanaya, Breanne, me, Emily, and Kristen (Friend Natalie had to leave early).


Sassy Sarah said...

WOW! That all is actually pretty amazing news! That's so exciting to be living (albeit short-term) in London. What a dream! Congrats to Eric on scoring the Milka account. What a wonderful guy you have, Jamie! (Of course Eric has a wonderful girl too!)

Tanya McKibben said...

Cool! So excited for you guys to go to London and tell us all about it. Happy super late b-day Jamie. Glad it was fun. That is so the way to go, just make your own cake. Then you will never be let down. Love you guys!