Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gardening, Painting, Going for Walks, Driving to Ohio

My time in Colorado since I returned home from London has been relatively relaxing. I have started working again which has been nice, but the family I work for is vacationing in Hawaii, so it's project time. Of course I have had to make up for four months of missed friend time, so I have been visiting them, too.

I am really happy that I got back in time to plant my veggies for the summer. It's been fairly hot here, so I have had to go out and water them every day, but everything is flourishing and growing just splendidly. I'll be eating salad from my garden before I know it.

Thanks for planing my flowers before I got home Breanne!
Starting from closest: sweet peas (the big dark leaves), carrots (parsley looking stems dispersed throughout), lettuce (leafy light green mass), more sweet peas, and a few tomato plants. I also planted some hot pepper seeds by the tomatoes, which 1 or 2 are coming up, but you can't really see those very well right now.
We have some painting projects we have been putting off and decided we better get those started. We need to paint our hall; as you can see it is a sick yellow. (Eric is the best at taping before painting.) And we also need to paint our room. Our room is strange: it gets mostly all natural light, so apparently that means that the color of the walls change all day. I have painted 6 different swatch colors and they all look good for only part of the day. We may just resort to off-white.

I also took a road trip with Annie to Ohio about two weeks ago. My parents live there, so it was really nice to go see them. Annie really enjoyed running in the forest in their back yard. She also enjoyed running through the mud puddles. I can't say the same for her enjoyment of getting hosed off after the mud puddles, but she's always a good dog.

Mom drove back with me and she got to experience Boulder on Memorial Day. We were on Pearl St. and we saw Batman, Superman, Cat Woman, Captain America, The Joker, Penguin, Spiderman, Superwoman, and about 5 other villains and heroes walk by us as we were eating lunch. The little kids there had the best Memorial Day ever. And so did I: I got to eat at Smashburger with my Mom.

Annie had Luxury First Class out there and back...and made a new friend.
Eric is back for this week and next week, then he's off to London again through the end of July :( sad face - he has to spend his birthday alone in London.  :( :( double sad face. I will miss him a lot, but at least I don't have to clean up my organizing chaos in between. It will be nice to really get projects done, but I would way rather have Eric home.

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