Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why we love our neighborhood

I was home in Louisville for two weeks in May and two weeks in June. When I'm there, I love to take walks/runs around my neighborhood, which actually means walks around the beautiful open space against my neighborhood. Louisville open space borders Boulder open space (say that five times fast), so you can keep going for a long time. Here are a couple videos of a standard walk Jaime and I took last week, just within the Louisville open space minutes from our door. Not so standard for everyone, but I love that it's standard for us. Feeling lucky.

There may, or may not, be a surprise for those of you that make it through both videos.

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Anna M said...

ok, that wind was obnoxious, but I watched. ;)

Congratulations. woot woot!

eric said...

Ahhhhna, I thought it would be fun to reward the blind loyalty of our (3) blog readers with the pride of being the in the first wave of those to know (besides immediate family).

So, kudos to you and...well, at this point, nobody else. Ha.