Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pathetic confession time: Annie and Me


Things I do, although I shouldn't at the moment: Watch Marley and Me on TV when I miss my dog. The end of this movie makes me feel less of a man (no reason, don't ask), and more of a man at the same time ('best friend,' after all.). Jaime's home with Annie and she says Annie misses me too. Not sure how she knows that, but I'm going to believe her, since I know Annie's not hitting the neighborhood trails as hard as she does when I'm home.

I've said it before, but I connect to this movie (and book, which I read before the movie was released) quite a bit, since Jaime and I are following a similar path to the couple in the movie:
- I work in media. He a journalist/columnist, me in advertising.
- I married (and/or met) Jaime up north where it's cold, then immediately we moved to South Florida.
- We got our crazy lab dog in South Florida as newlyweds, just like them. Dog beach adventures, obedience school, etc.
- We moved to a hilly, region when we left Miami, like they did (And I've lived in Suburban Philadelphia (Bucks County), where they move to).
- We're starting a family now, but feel like we started our family with Annie a while ago, in a sense.

That's all. Don't mind me.

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