Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dad, two years later

Two years since my dad died. If you ever want to examine the ingredients that made me exactly who I am today, take some quiet time to listen to tracks 4-7 that were recorded from his memorial service here.

My simple song "Mourning is Love" is the epitome of what I meant in titling my EP "The Thin of Thick Things." That song is a meager thin expression of the thick feelings, thoughts and truths surrounding his unexpected passing. If you want to hear the inspiration behind the song’s title, you can listen to Tim Flanigan's eloquent words on track 9.

The story behind the picture above (taken just several months before his accident) is also in Tim's talk. :)

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Anna M said...

Eric: That picture on the trampoline is priceless. My heart is full realizing that it has been two years for your family's loss. Hugs your way.