Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ideology can be annoying, I know.

But I can't help it sometimes.

The more I look at the presidential field, the more I think that if a person really, really wants to be POTUS, and he feels he should be sitting in that seat, that pretty much makes him the type of personality I don't really trust in that seat. If on the other hand a good, balanced, educated, humble, prayerful leader type is reluctantly dragged by his colleagues and fellow citizens into the election and office and then simply does what he feels is best, that would make for a situation I feel better about. I don't think that's happened since George Washington, though I may be mistaken. 

A guy can dream, right?

"He did not infringe upon the policy making powers that he felt the Constitution gave Congress. But the determination of foreign policy became preponderantly a Presidential concern. When the French Revolution led to a major war between France and England, Washington refused to accept entirely the recommendations of either his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, who was pro-French, or his Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, who was pro-British. Rather, he insisted upon a neutral course until the United States could grow stronger.

To his disappointment, two parties were developing by the end of his first term. Wearied of politics, feeling old, he retired at the end of his second. In his Farewell Address, he urged his countrymen to forswear excessive party spirit and geographical distinctions. In foreign affairs, he warned against long-term alliances.

Washington enjoyed less than three years of retirement at Mount Vernon, for he died of a throat infection December 14, 1799. For months the Nation mourned him."

Just a quick little history reminder for you and me. Carry on.

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