Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A good Saturday

  • Started with getting up just in time to play a 10am gig at my home Louisville, CO Farmers Market. Sold some CD's got a bag full of free locally grown veggies.
  • Went to Target with Jaime. Bought her a nice tube for tubing down Boulder Creek.
  • Talked Ben and Breanne into tubing the creek with us.
  • Changed at home, drove into Boulder and had a great time riding the ripples, rapids and waterfalls of Boulder Creek with Ben and Breanne. Beautiful scenery, cool water, good company.
  • Went to REI and sampled free camp food. Walked out with nothing.
  • Ate a Döner Kebab made by a Vietnamese couple at a crazy little shack on the Hill in Boulder. Reminded me of Germany.
  • Walked across the parking lot and got frozen custard from a girl who was delighted to meet a young couple that was actually married. She thought that was pretty cool, like we were from a rare country she'd always wanted to visit, or something. The custard reminded me of Bucks County, PA.
  • Went to Pearl Street and bought some fake mustaches for Saturday night's party. Also bought a new pair of really comfy Patagonia loafers with birthday money from mom (thanks mom!)
  • Went home, took a nap (ahhh, that's what a nap feels like), showered and changed for the CP+B Summer Party at the historic Boulder Theater.
  • Met friends for dinner at Mod Market in Boulder. Friends who were NOT dressed for a CP+B Summer Party. Got some funny looks.
  • Went to the party where a hardcore costume and wig-clad cover band played rock hits with frightening precision and enthusiasm. Watched all my coworkers get drunk. It was a blast.
  • Got home sometime around 1am.
  • Blessed sleep.


j&a said...

by the time you said "went to target," i was sold. what a good day. it's been months since i've been to a target.

i have to say, you do a good job at selling boulder.

francesca said...

so, from my good solid day post to yours ... i suddenly was no longer satisfied with my good solid day. it does sound wonderful there. lots of fresh produce and fun food. i mostly enjoyed the bits about the food ... and the nap. it's sad what has become most important to me these days. basic needs. food and sleep - ahhhhhh. good post eric. love to read it. we miss you guys too.

francesca :)

Sassy Sarah said...

Sounds like an AMAZING Saturday to me! Love the 'stach and bow tie. Nice addition.