Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My nerdy mind has been blown.

While visiting Colorado last week, my little brother Ian informed me of something that BLEW my nerdy mind. How do most people ignorantly pronounce our last name when they first read it? "For-sith". There are two words in the pronunciation: "Force" and "Sith." Wait...that's nothing. It gets better.

My parents had only 4 sons. Their given first names are:

J, E, D, I.

This is not a joke, nor, i believe a coincidence. My parents are sleeper Jedi...from Sith ancestry? Much to think about I have. Thank you master, Ian.

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jonathan and andrea said...

Thank you, Eric! I would have never realized what is so now plain and obvious. I always knew growing up that I had more medichlorians than my friends.

jonathan and andrea said...

seriously, i have been laughing about this all day. did you know that last week one of jonathan's flight mates said a word in jawa and jonathan could translate?

Sassy Sarah said...

Haha... awesome! I'm still laughing in shock and amusement. :)

Jamie Anderson said...

I just read this and immediately informed William. His mind is also blown!