Thursday, February 10, 2011

Menu Feb 10 - Roasted Bell Pepper Stuffed with Awesome.

Jaime collects cookbooks. She's not much one for wingin' it in the kitchen and she has a great love of good recipes. She definitely gives them her own touch, but suffice it to say she appreciates a good recipe, and she has many. Many, many.

She's been sitting on this recipe from her brother, Brad for Roasted Bell Pepper Stuffed with Bulgar and Spinach and made it for the first time tonight. It has currants (sweet black raisins), cashews, bell peppers and feta in it (from Jaime - actually I don't know what kind of cheese it was. I went to the cheese and bread store around the corner and they said this particular cheese was very good and crumbly like feta, but tastes more like goat cheese. It had mold growing all over it that I had to cut that off: "really nice, from France," said the worker.), among other things and the obvious ingredients mentioned in the name of the dish.

It was like candy. So good. And there's a lot of leftovers of the stuffing. Thank you, Brad.

I'm going backwards today, starting with dinner. Lunch and breakfast were good too.

Lunch: Waitrose tomato and fresh basil soup that pretty much tastes and eats like chunky pasta sauce. Complimented with cheese tortellini in cheese sauce.

Breakfast: Some awesome yogurt mixed with apples and cinnamon. I always have blueberries when i get into the office in the morning too. It's nice that Kalai, our office manager always has fresh blueberries in the office.

And I just polished off my palette with Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream. America the Beautiful.

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