Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Feb 7 + the creeping entrance of cravings

It's been a week. And for the most part it's been easy. But it started getting a little harder late last night, while i watched a bit of the Super Bowl with horrible British commentary and sans US commercials. I craved buffalo wings. Maybe I hoped the buffalo wings would somehow make up for the lack of Super Bowl commercials.

Today at lunch, i bypassed all the delicious variations of chicken paninis (and there are a lot of them) for a vegetarian melt with eggplant, peppers and cheese. It was good, but it wasn't amazing. I'm staying strong. So far. But dinner better be amazing. I think I might make a killer omelet.

I've also noticed that I'm eating more chocolate that I find laying around, and its probably more than I'd be eating if I didn't feel like I was going through some sort of withdrawals. There's always chocolate at work and usually small amounts of it at home that Jaime bought. I never buy it myself, but I find myself reaching for it a lot more than before.

I think I have to go do something manly to keep up my testosterone levels. In Boulder this would be easy, go climb a mountain with my dog or something. Here, it's like...i don't know. What do you do to feel masculine in London? You eat meat, like the British so proudly and regularly do. I'll just have to listen to harder rock and ROLL and push through this.

UPDATE - 9:16pm:

Jaime made quessadillas with tomatoes and avacado and mexican rice. I slapped a fried egg and hot sauce on top and called it Huevo Rancheros Londonos. And I bought hot sauce on the way home to make sure it wasn't lacking. Here's the last of it.

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Mom said...

Oh, I am LOL at that testosterone paragraph. You are funny.